Injection Moulding


Fremach puts at the disposal of its customers a unique experience of more than 45 years of manufacturing, assembling and testing of electronic components for the automotive and the industrial markets. To satisfy its customers' needs, Fremach offers a personalized service, with innovative and competitive solutions for the manufacture and integration of products, from prototypes to pre-series up to big series including at times more than 1 million components. We are a 1 stop shop for electronics. Our range of solutions includes:

  • Industrial capacities
  • Prototypes, preseries and small series production
  • Support services
  • Industrialization support


While the manufacturing and finishing of high-quality components are integral parts of our expertise, our ability to create complete modules using the latest assembling technologies is just as important for cost-efficiencies across the automotive value chain. With hi-tech assembly lines at all our plants, our range of solutions includes:

  • Automation
  • Vision systems
  • Heatstake
  • Ultra sonic welding
assembly assembly


High-quality finishing is often key to delivering a final component on-spec, especially for automotive controls & switches, and interior trim components. With a broad range of the latest finishing technologies, Fremach delivers the finishing touch its customers specify and consumers desire. Technologies include:

  • Fully automated and semi-automated flocking lines
  • Painting solutions: water- and solvent-based, UV, high gloss (BI8), soft-touch, chrome
  • IML and IMD foils decoration
  • Laser printing and etching, foils and hot foils
  • Tampon print
  • Thermo-compression
  • Leather covering
  • Silk screen printing

Injection Moulding

With the very latest injection moulding technologies, Fremach is ideally placed to manufacture a broad range of controls & switches, and interior trim components that meet the needs of the automotive industry. At its plants, a total of 180 machines with mould clamping forces ranging from 35 tons to 2,400 tons can meet virtually every customer need. Technologies include:

  • 1k, 2k, 3k, 6k moulding technology
  • Rapid Heat Cycle Moulding (RHCM) and gas-assist moulding
  • Automated insert-moulding and over-moulding
  • Injection Moulding Label (IML) & Injection Moulding Decoration (IMD)
injection_moulding injection_moulding_machine