Recognizing that innovation is key to growth and success across the value chain, our R&D department focuses on developing new solutions that meet emerging trends and solve customer challenges.

Harnessing our comprehensive knowledge and fostering an entrepreneurial spirit amongst our employees inspires innovation. But, we understand that innovation does not come from working alone. Collaborating with our customers is key to our innovation process and reinforces that, as we strive to deliver customer satisfaction and success, “we are part of you”.


Innovative decorative technology

One of our latest innovations is Thermoformed Overlay Method (TOM), a new decorative technology. A high-end alternative to painting and IML, TOM is a novel lamination process that produces textured decorative surfaces. Commercial launch is expected soon.


Lighting innovation

Another innovation in progress is dynamic ambient lighting (DAL) systems. Although in its infancy in the automotive market, 6-7 million DAL units are expected to be sold industry-wide by 2029. Our current development work has us on track to be a leader in this field.